Biography of Alan Seeley

Alan Seeley

Children's music artist Alan Seeley continues to carve a unique niche in the genre. Rather than adding to the abundance of simple and pedantic songs that currently populate the field, Alan Seeley strives to raise children's music to an art form. Knowing that kids today are sophisticated and are exposed to computers, the internet and television, Alan asks "Why not challenge and entertain kids with quality songs and lyrics with high production values and a strong storytelling component?"

The success of these efforts is evident in Alan's latest CD, Rocket Radio. Set in the mini-adventure of an alien rock star who arrives on Earth to give a concert, Rocket Radio contains thirteen original songs ranging from the James Taylor-like "A Friendly Day" to the rapping "Sherlock Homeboy" to the wistful "Out There Somewhere" to the inspirational "Read A Book." With its unique blend of adventure, dialogue and songs, Rocket Radio signals a new genre in children's music.

Alan's first CD, Tales In Tune, remains a classic. With contagiously hummable tunes, witty lyrics and state-of-the-art arrangements, the songs tell stories about rapping rabbits, sluggish sloths, pizza ghouls, dizzy chickens and a variety of other creatures. For example, "All in a Line" functions as a highly entertaining counting song as six baby chicks one by one fall out of line en route to the watering hole. The song "Detour" uses vignettes of truck drivers, mountain climbers, river rafters and astronauts to deliver a message about the value of perseverance and resourcefulness. In "On Slow Groove" a sloth who drinks coffee to near-calamitous results learns from his sister that it's OK to move at your own speed. In "Try Try Try" a determined quail ignores ridicule from his peers and learns how to fly.

His quest for writing stories in song has led Alan to pen audio musical plays as well. His CD Jason and the Books tells the story of a young boy who would much rather play video games than read. When the boy finds himself home alone one stormy night, the power goes out and the books come alive.

Alan lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.