Music of Alan Seeley

Rocket Radio

Rocket Radio fires off in a new direction. Its many original songs, which vary widely in style and performers, are picked up on the ship radio of an alien rock star as he flies in to gig on our planet.The CD contains two discs - one with just the songs and the other with the songs embedded in the fully enacted story.
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Song Title Sample
A Friendly Day Listen
Out There Somewhere Listen
Sherlock Homeboy Listen
Hey Hey Listen
Cyclo Listen
Driving through the Country Listen

Rocket Radio

Tales in Tune, Alan's classic CD of original songs about animals, uses contagious tunes, witty lyrics and state-of-the-art sound design to tell stories about rapping rabbits, sluggish sloths, pizza ghouls, dizzy chickens and a variety of other creatures. Many children have played this album incessantly.
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Song Title Sample
Skinny Little Bird Listen
Detour Listen
Zippy Pizza Listen
Perfect Pair Listen
On Slow Groove Listen
Lucky Jack Listen
Try Try Try Listen
Gotta Hop Listen
All in a Line Listen
Dream of Many Things Listen

Rocket Radio

Jason and the Books tells the story of a boy who loves to play video games but hates to read. When he finds himself home alone one stormy night, the power goes out and the books come alive. The clever story is filled with catchy songs, lively characters and top-of-the-line sound effects.
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Song Title Sample
Home Alone Listen
Cyclo That's Me Listen
We're Gonna Cook Listen
I'm the One Listen
Time to Read a Book Listen
We're the Books Listen